Screen Print

This week we welcome Brother International’s Regional Sales Managers from all across the country to Lawson’s Screen Print showroom.

There was a tour of the Lawson hands-on demo facility, and classroom. The Brother’s Sales Team came to Lawson to attend our Textile Tech screen printing class to learn how to screen print. These talented sales people came with positive energy, and were eager to learn all major aspects of screen printing, so they could better serve their direct-to-garment clients.

Each Brother attendee got lots of practical screen-making and printing experience. Now they have gained a broad range of knowledge on the subject. This is sure to be of use when working with their customers. As well, some of which are traditional textile screen printers themselves.

The subjects covered for the day were pre-press such as the guidelines for t-shirt design and separation, screen mesh stretching. Some lessons on capillary film and direct emulsion coating, exposure calculation were available. Ink preparation was shown. Lastly, dryer and press settings, press set up and registration, production and shop set up, equipment maintenance and how to remove a stencil from the mesh.

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