Fall Colors Around Lawson

Fall Colors Around LawsonAutumn has officially fallen upon St. Louis, causing the trees and weather to change. All around, leaves have started turning vibrant fall colors and have started blowing out of their homes on the branches they sprouted from earlier this spring.

Temperatures are starting to drop and the cold wind and rain are producing a change in attire. People are starting to tuck their t-shirts and shorts into the backs of their closets and are pulling out their cold weather clothes: jackets, sweaters, scarfsmany of these people are now wandering around wishing they had awesome artwork printed onto all of those layers. Im sure you screen printers out there already have your squeegees printing in full force to accommodate them.

In some areas, temperatures are starting to drop below freezing. For screen printers this means that you need to stock up on emulsion for the winter to avoid the possibility of it freezing during transit. Once emulsion is frozen, it is highly probable that it will be unusable!

If you happen to need supplies for all of your printing needs, or if you just need a bit of technical advice while youre printing, give Lawson a call at 314-382-9300.? Or, better yet, stop by and pay us a visit to see the beautiful fall colors for yourself!

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