The Focus-CTS Reboot

Have you been asking yourself if a CTS Machine is right for you? Here at Lawson Screen & Digital Products, we have taken that thought one step further. "How can we make a CTS Machine that is right for you?" We realized the answer was quite simple. The machine itself is working great meeting and exceeding customer expectations. What we discovered was that with some software tweaking we could make it's performance better. And then the real fun happened - we began talking about the paint job. As you may have noticed (and how could you have not?), our new color scheme came to life; ready to roll in to your shop today. We have officially given the garment industry's first Economical Screen Imaging Device a make-over. No, wait. Let's call it a Reboot - our way of making it the right choice for you.

In short, we have made the best CTS (Computer to screen) Imaging Device on the market even better. The HP print heads system has not changed, but firmware and software updates make the print heads more efficient. This makes the Focus-CTS print faster. Another great upgrade comes with the new quick-release screen holder. It makes changing screens much easier. A new paint job and decals will make this machine scream in your shop. The Focus-CTS "2.0" is not just another pretty face though. The essence of the Focus-CTS still remains: great performance, efficiency, low maintenance, and film cost cutting. These are just a few of the great characteristics you have come to know. In case you forgot, here is a breakdown of the rest of the Focus-CTS advantages, specs and features. All of which are great reasons why a Lawson Focus-CTS is worth the price.

Economical Screen Imaging for the Garment Printer

If you want to save money, valuable time, and eliminate production headaches, like pinholes, and costly registration problems, then the Lawson Focus-CTS is the machine for you. The Lawson Focus-CTS is the easiest to use of all the ink jet imaging devices available in the marketplace. It is shipped fully assembled, and can be ready to print within hours after arrival in your shop.

The Focus-CTS Imaging System accommodates up to 4 industrial HP print heads. With an adjustable screen clamping system, you can use any size screen up to 23" x 31" O.D. Lawson's master frame carrier adjusts to fit the standard 20" x 24" manual frame and automatic frame sizes of 20" x 28" and 23" x 31".

The Lawson Focus-CTS is the easiest imaging device available. It is shipped fully assembled and designed to be plug-n-play. By incorporating HP print head technology, you can print halftones up to 55 line. Use your own CorelDraw or Illustrator program and interface with our easy CTS RIP software.

Our exclusive Black dye, with special UV inhibitors, ensures a dark, crisp image every time. Image quality is excellent, and your will achieve nearly instant on-press registration with the Lawson 3-Point Register Guide or other Tri-Loc Systems.

Basic Advantages of CTS

Computer-to-Screen imaging (CTS) can vastly improve and increase screen throughput in your shop. It will improve efficiency, lower cost, increase production, and enhance your print quality. No more film positives, or expensive print heads to replace, and you'll achieve perfect screen-to-screen alignment every time - you will always remain in perfect registration from exposure to press.

Key Advantages of CTS Technology

  • Elimination of Film Cost
  • Perfect Screen-to-Press Registration
  • Great Print Resolution
  • Faster Exposure Times
  • No Pinholes in Screen
  • Digital Work Flow Control
  • Fewer Processing Steps
  • Quality Image Improvement
  • Faster On-Press Set-Up & Registration

Unique Advantages of the Lawson FOCUS-CTS vs. the Competition

  • Very Economical Start-Up Costs
  • Out-of-Box Print-n-Play Design (1 Head System). No Set-Up Costs/Expenses
  • Easy User Maintenance: Swappable Cleaning & Capping Station
  • Instant Ink-to-Screen Drying
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Compatible with All On-Press Registration Systems
  • Open Screen Loading & Visible Printing Area
  • Adjustable Master Frame
  • Bench Top Convenience, or Optional Floor Stand
  • Use Your Own Computer

But Is a CTS Worth the Price?

Do you still find yourself asking if a CTS Machine is worth the price? David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products reviews the facts about CTS machines on our podcast, Making It Simple. He discusses how the Lawson Focus-CTS is worth the price and is definitely the right choice for you and your shop. It's fast, reliable, and easy-to-use. It is a "plug-n-play" imaging device built to make your job easier. Lawson sells the best priced CTS machine on the market. For only $15,000, the Focus-CTS ships fully assembled and is ready to print that same day. It's easy to see how a computer-to-screen imaging device is the right way for you and your business to grow. Give us a call and we can show you how We Make It Simple.

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