ISS Nashville Day 2

ISS Nashville show: Round 2!

Lawson ready for the second day of the ISS Nashville show. We love how customers come to our booth and share their appreciation for Lawson equipment, service and supplies.

Customers are mesmerized by our new Focus CTS machine. They love the fact that it allows for quick on press registration. Stop by Booth 816 for your personal demonstration.

Our DTG equipment continues to be a success. The Lawson Zoom-AE remains the industry leader for pre-treating garments. We are pleased to announce that the Epson F2000 has been bought off the floor and will be going to it’s new home when the show ends. Don’t worry, you can still see demos on it until the show closes Saturday at 3 p.m.

A lot of Nashville printers are talking to is about doing 1 and 2 color prints for sports teams and bands. The Lawson Mini-Max automatic is the perfect printing press for them. The ability to move off a manual press without occupying a big color auto makes it a perfect addition to every shop.

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