PANTONE Color Matching System

PANTONE Color Matching System names Emerald Green as the color of the year for 2013 based on designer polls and popular trends. PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald Green wins for 2013. This seems to be an appropriate choice for the state of society as green represents growth, renewal, prosperity, healing, and unity. Emerald is vivid and verdant…promoting balance and harmony. Color is back!

This is a great opportunity for those in the screen printing t-shirt and the Decorated Apparel and Accessories Industry to capitalize on. Multi-Tech offers a variety of plastisol screen printing ink and is an authorized PANTONE ink company. Multi-Tech also offers PANTONE Color Mixing Inks, and will even color match for you at a reasonable price…including the 2013 Color of the Year Emerald Green PANTONE17-5641. Order a quart, gallon, or 5-Gallon drum and we will ship in 2-5 days. Multi-Tech also has a couple of standard plastisol ink colors that are very good representations of Emerald Green: MMC-120 and MMC-800.

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