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We asked ourselves, is a computer-to-screen printer worth the price? Our Co-President David Landesman has been hard at work crunching the numbers, and the results are in! The numbers are even better then we originally thought. When calculating the savings of having a CTS in a screen printing shop, David considered film cost and screen basic shop labor costs.

We considered that reparing a screen includes: aligning the film on the screen, exposure time, pin hole re-touching time, and on-press registration. Conservatively David estimates a savings of 10 minutes per screen when using a CTS to print positives directly to an emulsion-coated screen. Film cost will vary depending on what type and quantity is purchased. He estimates anywhere from $1.20 – $1.50 of film cost per screen. See the chart below for the estimates David prepared.

Screens Used Per: Film/Labor Savings
Day Week Year Per Screen Annual Total
25 125 6,500 $1.50/$4.20 $9,750/$27,300 ?$37,050
50 250 13,000 $1.45/$4.20 $18,850/$54,600 ?$73,450
75 375 19,500 $1.35/$4.20 $26,325/$81,900 ?$108,225
100 500 26,000 $1.20/$4.20 $31,200/$109,200 ?$140,400

As you can see after a year of running a computer-to-screen imaging device in a screen printing shop the savings are remarkable. Even a smaller shop producing just 25 screens per day can benefit from this printer. We already knew what a difference this machine could make, now you have the numbers to help you make the decision to upgrade your screen room.

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