Register 5 Color Print

Does setting up multi-color jobs frustrate you, and make you tired before you even get to the first print?

Here at Lawson, we have put together some videos to show you how to register 5 color print jobs quickly.

Watch Brian Lang set up a 5-color screen print job in under 5 minutes. In these videos he uses the Lawson Registration System (SSR). This on-press registration guide system is compatible with automatic and manual presses. Overall, it dramatically minimizes set-up time and eliminates the frustrating process of registering multi-color jobs.

If you print t-shirts using plastisol, water-base, or any other environmentally friendly inks this on press registration system is a must have. You can use any size wooden or aluminum frames of any mesh count. The universal guide board fits all plates. Ultimately allowing you to use it when printing t shirts, sleeves, child/youth sizes, or any other print job you have.

Stop fighting to register your screens and make print registration simple and easy.

See More Video Tutorials at on our Lawson TV

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