Pro-Tac Screen printing platen adhesive

How to Apply Pro-Tac Screen Printing Platen Adhesive

This week our Sales Manager, Brian demonstrates how to apply Pro-Tac, a Screen printing platen adhesive by Lawson, a water-based, pressure sensitive adhesive designed for adhering textiles to pallets in the screen printing process. A single application may hold hundreds of garments before it is necessary to reapply; 1 gallon is equal to 4-5 cases of aerosol sprays. Lawson Pro-Tac can be easily removed from the pallet with warm water. No more chemical usage on your platens. This product works best when using a flash unit. The great advantage of using the Lawson Pro-Tac is because there is no over spray that goes all over your shop and it is eco-friendly!

  • Guaranteed to Save-You-Money, secondly you are Guaranteed to Save-You-Money
  • Keep Your Shop Clean
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long-Lasting – Can Remain Tacky All Day
  • Good for Both Standard and Flashing Applications

Applying Pro-Tac is very simple and easy. Here are some tips…There are two ways you can apply Pro-Tac, directly to your pallet or by covering your pallet with pallet tape first. Then you apply a thin layer of Pro-Tac by using a squeegee card, paint brush, or spray bottle. In addition a thicker layer of Pro-Tac may be needed for heavier material items.

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