Snow around Lawson

Snow around LawsonThis year has started off with a few inches of snowfall on New Years Day, and much more snow and cold weather is on its way this weekend. Even though the cold is not the most enjoyable thing, the snow gives St. Louis a visually appealing winter landscape.

Be sure to keep the winter temperatures in mind when ordering screen printing supplies! Some supplies (such as screen printing emulsion, some stencil removers and other products) are freezable items. This means that these items could freeze in transit while they are being shipped and could be ruined. If youre not sure, give us a call and we will let you know what items are freezable, and which days will be alright to ship. If youre in the St. Louis area, youre always welcome to come visit us to pick up your orders. Better yet, give us a call about our free shipping offers for select orders!

Stay warm, be safe, and be sure to have a wonderful year!

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