commandments of automation

Thou shall have automation!

Follow these 10 easy steps for successful screen printing automation.

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Ask Lots of Questions
  3. Bigger and Faster is Not Always Better
  4. Read the Instruction Manual
  5. Hands-On Training and Continuing Education is Critical
  6. Trial-and-Error is Actually Your Friend
  7. Keep Spare Parts on Hand
  8. Learn the Off-Contact Principle
  9. Always Treat People, and Your Automatic with Respect
  10. Plan, Prepare, Proceed and Produce

Lawson extends a 24/7/365 technical support service. Anytime you may need help with a Lawson automatic screen printing press, give us a call at?1.800.325.8317 for a specialist standing by to help you.

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