Multi Tech White Plastisol Ink

Have you ever wondered which white plastisol ink is best for you and your current job? Lawson Screen & Digital Products would like to share a bit of knowledge we’ve learned over the past 68 years of screen printing.

The choice of how to choose which white ink to use depends on a few different factors, including garment selection, mesh count, and ink brand.Knowing the best characteristics for each ink will help you plan ahead for all of your future print runs.

White Plastisol Ink Chart

Print out our White Plastisol Ink Application Chart and tape it up in your print area for easy reference.

Q&A Session

Customer: I want to buy some white plastisol ink.
Specialist: What are you printing on? We have several different types of white plastisol ink.
C: 100% cotton garments.
S: Then we recommend the Multi-Tech HPO-1550 Ultra White. This ink will print on 100% cotton and will not bleed on the shirt.
C: What if I have a 50/50 blend Shirt on my next order? Will the HPO-1550 work for that too?
S: No, the 1550 will bleed on the 50/50 blend. Instead, use the MCO-1560 50/50 White.
C: Will either of those inks work on athletic dry tech material?
S: What is the fabric content?
C: 100% Polyester.
S: Neither of those white inks will work. We have the MCO-1397 Super Poly White which is the only ink we have that will work on 100% Polyester.
C: What ink should I purchase if I want to carry just one white ink for cotton and cotton blended T-shirts?
S: The 1560 works great on both 100% cotton Tees and 50/50 blended Tees.

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White Plastisol Ink by Multi-Tech

At Lawson, we offer a great selection of white plastisol inks by Multi-Tech. With a multitude of standard and specialty textile applications, you can screen print on 100% cotton fabrics, 50/50 blends, 100% polyester, and even nylon mesh and dazzle fabrics. Multi-Tech also offers custom formulations, and can design an ink that meets your specifications and needs with a guaranteed money-back product buy/sample program.

Opaque Poly White T-shirt Ink

We always recommend a pretest before use to establish suitability and procedures prior to production.

Below is a listing on these three standard white plastisol inks in detail.

MCO-1397 Super Poly White:

Our newest white plastisol ink is designed for printing on polyester and poly-blended fabric. This is our most bleed-resistant plastisol ink. MCO-1397 can also be used for printing on the toughest bleeders, even camo polyester.

MCO-1397 flashes extremely fast, and can be fully cured at only 260-F, so you can use this plastisol for low-cure applications. Extremely stretchy, MCO-1397 even prints on spandex and other stretchy materials.

Printing characteristics provide for heavier ink deposit for ultimate whiteness and opacity.

HPO-1550 Ultra White:

An ultra-bright white plastisol ink with excellent opacity and good bleed resistance, fast-flashing, semi-thick viscosity. No odor. May be printed on 100% cotton.

MCO-1560 50/50 White:

This 50/50 White is a new plastisol ink that is more stable and prints easier. Its an ultra-bright white with excellent opacity and good bleed resistance, fast-flashing, semi-thick viscosity. No odor. May be printed on cotton and cotton/polyester blends that are not “bad” bleeders.

White Plastisol Silk Screen Printing Ink

Choose Your Own Adventure

As you can see it is pretty simple choosing which ink is best for you. Once you know what type of garment you are printing on, you can feel confident with your white plastisol ink purchases for today and the future. To read more on screen printing plastisol ink, visit our Textile Screen Printing Plastisol Ink Page.

And when trouble rears its ugly head, feel free to contact one of our print specialists at any time. Call 314.382.9300 today and let us show you how We Make It Simple.

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