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When you buy a Diamond Jet DTG or any other Direct-To-Garment Printer from Lawson you are not just purchasing a state-of-the-art industrial machine, but you are paying for unmatched installation, support, and service.

Our expert technicians will fully install and calibrate your brand new Diamond Jet DTG machine in your shop and have you printing t-shirts in no time. The features of this machine stand on their own against our competition (DTG Features/Specifications). The real reason to make a purchase from Lawson is how simple we make the machine to run and service.

The photos in the collage above where taken today as one of our Direct-to-Garment and Digital Printing Staff members was calibrating the brand new Diamond-Jet DTG. It is a very detailed process that included everything from installing the print-heads all the way though calibrating them to print accurately. Being able to service and install a direct-to-garment printer requires our technicians to understand mechanical, electronic, and software issues. Customers who purchase of of these amazing machine can feel secure they are being trained by the very best.

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