DTG Printing

DTG Printing offers an assortment of color prints

Lawson’s mascot, Toby, reveals thousands of shades of color throughout his feathery coat. The same is true with DTG Printing. For example Lawson’s Diamond-Jet. Direct-To-Garment Printing allows for the most creativity in your designs, thanks to its ability to print an unlimited amount colors.?With most creative professionals using digital software it only makes sense that digital printing such as direct-to-garment is the practical choice.

DTG is perfect for printing photographs and multiple color images flawlessly on t-shirts. For the best results, use 100% cotton for super soft no feel results. Files are simple and easy to transport and communicate, giving you the ability to send digital files anywhere in the world within seconds.

Living in a world more connected than ever and with customers demanding quick-response, fast turn-around, and PERFECTION…Direct-To-Garment delivers. Lawson provides?direct to garment inks, as well as?direct to garment pretreatment machines, and the best?best dtg printers.

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