Training for your Used Screen Printing Equipment

The Old Made New Again

Clark Theriot and his wife, Alba, journeyed from Tanner, Alabama to train on screen printing equipment in St. Louis. The training was for their used screen printing equipment that they had purchased from a reseller. They had purchased a used Mini-Trooper automatic screen printing press for their company, Creative & Athletic Designs. The Theriots initially reached out to Lawson because they were experiencing squeegee pressure concerns.

While Clark and Alba were at Lawson, they got hands-on experience operating and learning about the maintenance of the press, from our screen printing professional, Glen. After their visit, they wrote to us:

"We recently purchased a used Lawson Mini-Trooper; it is our first automatic press. The team at Lawson have been awesome in helping us with information even before we formally acquired the machine. They have been a great help assisting us with getting the Mini-Trooper setup and going.

Just starting out like we are, it was great to be able to purchase an older press and give it new life again with the help of our friends at Lawson. We especially want to give a shout of praise to Brian and Taylor who have informed us on some key Lawson products that are making our production more efficient.

We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with the Lawson team and crank out production with their great equipment and supplies. THANKS TEAM LAWSON for helping us make a new start with a used piece of equipment!"

We look forward to hearing more good news from CAD and wish them good luck on their screen printing adventures. Lawson offers training sessions for all Lawson used screen printing equipment at either the St. Louis, MO, or Atlanta, GA location. For more information, reach us at 314-382-9300, or email us at To see more about classes and what you can gain from our screen printing classes visit the Lawson Screen and Digital Screen Printing Classes webpage

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